Offbeat Acres is a small family run fruit and fiber farm, located ten miles east of Madison, Wisconsin.  We grow raspberries, peaches, apples, pumpkins and blackberries. We raise alpacas and have blankets, scarves, yarn, roving, socks, raw fiber and other alpaca products for sale.

The land has been in our family since the 1890s. Visitors would always tell us we should do something with the place, but it took years of gardening, cooking, research, and a fifteen page business plan to make it a reality. We are pleased to have quality huacaya alpaca breeding stock in our herd.buzz 1st place GMAF

We have several award winning herdsires, along with ribbon winning females. We also do histograms on all our breeding stock, and can prove their quality. We are proud to feature an inventory that is almost exclusively grown on our farm or made in the USA.  Alpaca is incredibly soft, warm and luxurious, and is perfect thing to keep you warm during the cold Wisconsin winter.

All of our fiber is utilized.  Our very best fleece is sent out for processing into yarn and roving.  This year, we will have yarn available in white, black, grey, fawn, and brown.  We are experimenting with multi-colored yarn too and will have combinations of fawn/white, bay black/light fawn, and our extra special “turtle sundae blend” of black, fawn, and beige appaloosa.

We also have roving in white, fawn, and multi colors too. Some of our fiber is sent out to be made into special felted products.  We have felted, finished scarves with colored accents for extra style.  These scarves sold out quickly last year and we’re excited to bring them back.   We’re also having some felted insoles made to help keep your feet warm this winter!

Hello, I'm MirandaWe are pleased to feature blankets and scarves made by Pendleton Wooien Mills from the Alpaca Blanket Project, as well as Adventure Alpaca Socks made by Kentucky Royalty. Buy local, buy American with Offbeat Acres!


  1. carolyn fincher

    I have checked out your website and am thinking of trying the alpacas as I am retired and feel this would be a fairly easy business for me to get into. I would like your feedback on my idea.

    I have approx. 3 acres I could utilize for a few. I understand you need one acre for 5 alpacas.

  2. Renee Baumgartner

    I received some your fiber for Christmas. Love it! I’ll be back for more.


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